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3 E-Cig Terms You Might Not Be Familiar With

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Let’s start easy: cartridge, e-juice, atomizer, cartomizer. If you are a vapor smoker, or even if you’ve just heard a little bit about them, these are most likely terms that you are familiar with.

More frequent vapor smokers may recognize e-cig terminology like clearomizers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, mods, and dripping. So, what about veteran e-cig users? Is there anything they don’t know?

Whether you are a novice, veteran, or non-user, test your knowledge of e-cigs by seeing if you know these three advanced e-cig supplies.

The Nano Clearomizer

Some e-cig companies carry versions of, or products similar to, a device called the nano clearomizer.

As its name suggests, the nano clearomizer is a smaller version of the clearomizer, which is essentially a clear cartomizer. In contrast to traditional clearomizers that hold up to 2.5 ml of e-juice, the nano holds just 1 ml, making it ideal for sampling new flavors.

Nanos, like cartos and clearos, are reusable by simply emptying out one flavor and refilling it with another of your choice. The mouthpiece comes already attached to the device, and it is ready to use right out of the box.

The Nova Tank

The nova tanks are types of cartomzers that use wicking strings and an atomizer head that is similar to a clearomizer. The benefit of the nova tank is that it holds larger quantities of e-juice than a regular clearomizer—2 to 3.5 ml when full.

Novas are also replaceable, but vapor smokers have to occasionally tilt the e-cig to keep the wick moist, otherwise you could get a “dry hit.”

The Cartotank

A cartotank is when a cartomizer is placed in an e-juice tank to provide longer durations of vapor smoking than when used normally. For a cartotank to work, one or two small holes must be drilled into the cartomizer to allow the juice from the tank to seep into the device.

Pre-punched cartomizers already come with a small, laser-drilled hole towards the bottom of the device, and are ready to be put in the tank immediately. However, vapor smokers must make their own holes in their cartomizer if it is un-punched in order to create a cartotank.

It is recommended that vapor smokers only use stainless steel cartomizers to make a cartotank, since it is more difficult to make holes in cartos with rubber or black stickers. Also, the corrosive properties of e-juice can damage or tarnish cartos with coverings.

If you already knew these terms, then you can consider yourself a vapor smoking master. If you didn’t, don’t sweat it. There is a lot to learn. And every year, more and more new products are being developed to satisfy every e-cig user’s cravings and preferences.

Learn more e-cig terminology by checking out our vapor smoking glossary.

Clearomizers: The Next Step for Electronic Cigarettes

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

In 1975, IBM invented the world’s very first “portable” computer. (It weighed 55 pounds and had a 5 inch display. Good luck trying to carry that to your local coffee shop.

Thirty five years later in 2010, Apple introduced the iPad, the world’s very first consumer tablet—improving the speed and performance of IBM’s original model, and making it significantly less bulky and putting a smarter, more accessible computer in the consumer’s hand.

And while we still don’t have hovercars, the automobile industry has come a long way since Henry Ford’s day, with many new cars now equipped with GPS and Google’s self-driving vehicles being tested and perfected every day. Technology is continually pushing forward the threshold of what we think is possible and establishing the new normal.

In the already innovative industry of electronic cigarettes, the new normal has emerged which promises to be the future of vapor smoking—a device called the clearomizer.

The very first electronic cigarettes featured cartridges and atomizers, which were soon replaced with a more efficient combination of the two, known as a cartomizer. Now, the clearomizer, or “clearo” as it’s being called, is replacing the cartomizer as the most user-friendly and effective way to vapor smoke.

How a clearo functions is similar to a cartomizer. Much like a Tiki torch, the clearomizer’s wick absorbs the liquid—in this case nicotine—and when the user takes a drag on the electronic cigarette it triggers the battery to release voltage which travels to the wiring twisted around the wick. The voltage heats the nicotine-saturated wick and turns it into vapor, which is inhaled by the user through the mouthpiece.

The main noticeable difference between the new clearomizer versus the cartomizer is the clear outer shell that allows the user to see the amount of nicotine left in their electronic cigarette. Knowing when you are low on e-liquid used to be a guessing game, or require you to disassemble the device to check, which can be a hassle. With the clearomizer, it’s easy to see when you are running low (no disassembly required), and just as easy to refill.

Clearos also improve on the usability of cartomizers by allowing users to replace the atomizer without tossing out the whole thing. With cartomizers, once the heating element burned itself out, user’s would have to replace the whole cartomizer, since it all came as one device—mouthpiece, cartridge, nicotine tank, etc.

Clearos on the other hand separate the heating element from the rest of the device, making it easily replaceable when it burns out, without having to get rid of perfectly functioning parts. This makes clearomizers a cheaper and easier innovation.

As far as the taste goes, vapor smoking with a clearomizer provides a stronger and smoother throat hit than older electronic cigarette technology, and lasts longer than cartomizers and atomizers that use a fiber filling.

And the best part about clearomizers: there’s no learning curve that all-to-often comes with new technologies. Users can vapor smoke with a clearomizer the same way they would with a cartomizer, and refilling the nicotine liquid is a simple three step process:

Sandra Kaeo, the CEO of Modern Vapor, Inc, feels confident in the future of clearomizers as the next big thing to vapor smoking, saying, “Clearomizers are the next logical step in the progression of e-cigarette technology.”

Every day scientists and inventors work to create technologies that challenge what we think is possible. Innovation is a window into the future, but, in a way, it also brings the future to the present. With electronic cigarettes, clearomizers offer users the future of vapor smoking now.

Check out the new normal of vapor smoking today by shopping for electronic cigarette clearomizers in our online store. Or learn more about clearos in our knowledge center.

“Going Green” with Vapor Smoking

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Hearing the politically charged term “going green” is bound to trigger some weary sighs, or perhaps summon up an image of Al Gore, and rightfully so. These two words have been used to pass legislation, sell t-shirts, and make us feel guilty, but apart from all the politics, “going green” represents a huge topic of conversation on the minds of not only the American public, but the world.

Environmental sustainability seeps its way into every aspect of modern life, including the world of vapor smoking.

At first arose the debate between the health benefits of smokeless cigarettes vs. their tobacco counterparts, but now, the environmental aspects are being taken into account. People are seeking to merge smoking with their environmental concerns by asking the question: “Is there an environmentally friendly way to smoke?” Fortunately, there is.

The problem with smoking tobacco most clearly lies in pollutants being released into the atmosphere and cigarette butts showing up as potent litter in fragile ecosystems.

With over 1.3 billion people currently smoking tobacco, the amount of disease-causing chemicals being released is frightening. One study showed that it is equal to half of the pollutants emitted by cars in American every year. The health consequences of secondhand smoking have garnered much of the spotlight, since it is known to cause a host of cancers, respiratory ailments, and other diseases, but the environmental impacts of these chemicals are just as harmful, but typically overlooked.

For instance, carbon dioxide, the main contributor to harmful greenhouse gases which trap heat in the atmosphere, is emitted in strong doses when smoking a cigarette, possibly quickening global warming.

But the real damage is done with the careless littering of cigarette butts.

Cigarette butts are named as the most littered item worldwide, making up an estimated 38% of litter collected around the globe, and costing the U.S. government alone almost $12 billion annually. Seemingly miniscule cigarette butts wreak all kinds of havoc on ecosystems, specifically birds and fish, who mistake them for food and are poisoned. Scientists have yet to gather all the information concerning how devastating this problem is to our natural ecosystem.

With smokeless cigarettes, the threat of potent emissions and discarded cigarette butts becomes an immediate afterthought. Vapor smoking emits only three substances—nicotine, water vapor, and propylene glycol (PG)—none of which are harmful, and two of which are found naturally in the atmosphere.

Also, the reusability of smokeless cigarettes makes them a possible advantage to cut back on litter. Without tobacco smoking, there are no cigarette butts.

Antagonists of vapor smoking as a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to tobacco repeatedly try to shift the blame onto smokeless cigarettes. They claim that the harmful effects of manufacturing smokeless cigarettes cancel out the potential benefits, but fail to hold tobacco companies to that same standard, and fail to see that vapor smoking companies rent factory space that would otherwise be manufacturing something else anyways. Tobacco cigarette supporters also declare that all that would change is empty cartomizers would be lying around instead of filters, but they ignore the system of reduce, reuse, and recycle that vapor smoking offers.

No doubt, the debate on the environmental merits of vapor smoking is getting heated, but recent studies are tipping the scale in favor of smokeless cigarettes. Going green may not be so hard after all.

Electronic Cigarette Holiday Gift Guide

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Are you shopping for a vaper this holiday season, or hoping to help a smoker in your life make the switch to electronic cigarettes? If you’re a vaper yourself you probably already have some ideas in mind, but if you aren’t, you might be more than a little confused. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered.

Electronic Cigarette Gift Ideas for Smokers

If the person you’re buying for is a smoker who hasn’t yet tried electronic cigarettes, your job is actually a bit easier. What you’re looking for is a starter kit.

E-cig starter kits are the perfect introduction to vaping. They provide everything necessary, conveniently packaged together. Of course, deciding to buy a starter kit is only step one. You next need to select the right electronic cigarette, and determine which features the smoker in your life needs.

Batteries: If budget is a big concern, then a starter kit with a single battery might be your best alternative. If you can swing it, though, a kit with at least two batteries is a better choice for the long term. E-cig batteries need to charge, so a single battery means no access to vaping during charging times.

As for the choice between a manual or automatic battery, automatic batteries are usually better for new vapers. Since they don’t require pressing a button, they more closely mimic the smoking experience.

Chargers: Any kit you buy will come with a wall charger, but if you’re buying for someone who spends a lot of time in the car, look for a kit with a car charger or charging case.

Supplies: Most kits will come with pre-filled cartomizers or empty cartomizers and refill liquid. Both are good options, but pre-filled cartomizers may have a slight advantage here. Ease of use is important when smokers are first switching to electronic cigarettes. Experimenting with filling cartomizers, using clearomizers and trying out different e-liquid flavors will come later, but for now it’s best to keep it simple.

Look and Feel: For most, vaping is a process that starts with a device that resembles a traditional cigarette as much as possible. Many eventually move on to e-cigs that don’t resemble cigarettes much at all. Once someone starts viewing themselves as a nonsmoker, they want to distance themselves from their old habit. At first, though, something like the Sidesho will probably make your smoker more comfortable with switching.

What to Buy Someone Who Already Vapes

Depending on where your vaper is in the process, a starter kit might work here, as well. He or she just might be ready to move on to something slightly larger like the 902, or our largest and longest-lasting battery, the Lux. If, on the other hand, you’re buying a holiday gift for someone who already has an electronic cigarette model they love, nicotine liquid is an excellent option.

You can probably find out what nicotine concentration to buy very easily, without tipping your gift recipient off and spoiling the surprise. Just casually ask, “So how much nicotine is in that, anyway?” If the person you’re buying for is like most vapers, he or she will not only answer your question, but give you a complete lesson on e-liquid and nicotine concentration.  Vapers love to talk about e-cigs.

Flavor is subjective, so rather than buying one or two large bottles of liquid, opt for several smaller bottles so that your vaper can sample multiple options. We can’t imagine any vaper out there who wouldn’t be ecstatic at the thought of a stocking full of new e-liquid flavors to try.

So vapers, what’s on your holiday e-cig wish list?

Have You Been to Our Electronic Cigarette Knowledge Center?

Friday, November 9th, 2012

We like to use our blog to share tips and how-to articles regarding electronic cigarettes, but this isn’t the only place you can find useful e-cig information. We also have a formal knowledge center where we share more in-depth articles on a number of topics of interest to the vaping world.

Our e-cig knowledge center is already robust, and will continue growing. For now, here are some of the articles you’ll find there:

Help through the Transition: The learning curve for switching from traditional smoking to electronic cigarettes isn’t huge, but it does exist, so we’ve done what we can to help simplify the transition.

Among the articles in our knowledge center, you’ll find help for deciding whether you should use refillable cartomizers or pre-filled, tips on selecting the right starter kit, and a guide to what you can expect from your taste buds as they get used to vapor.

Basic facts about electronic cigarettes: If you’ve done much research into e-cigs, you may have found that there isn’t a whole lot of basic knowledge out there, at least compared to what you can learn from the internet about most technologies.

We’re working to fill in the gaps by offering our guide to e-cig terminology and a history of electronic cigarette technology, as well as by debunking some of the myths floating around out there about e-cigs.

Advanced guides: In addition to guides for new users, we’ve created some specific articles addressing the more nuanced aspects of vaping.

Check out our guide to options for charging your e-cig, as well as our tips for extending the life of your equipment.

Fun stuff: The latest addition to our electronic cigarette knowledge center isn’t exactly a guide or a history lesson, but it’s interesting nonetheless. We scoured the gossip sites and news articles to separate real celebrity vapers from those only spotted vaping due to likely endorsement deals. If you’re curious about some of the successful entertainers who share your love of e-cigs, this article should be a fun and enlightening read.


Is there something you’d like to know about e-cigs? A guide you’d like to see or some research you’re curious about? If so, just drop us a comment, and you may see your suggestion become an article in our e-cigarette knowledge center at a future date.

Changes Coming to Our Store

Monday, September 24th, 2012

We’ve been busy here at Modern Vapor lately! We’ve got some pretty exciting developments to share with you – not to mention some exciting sales.

Moving to the two-piece model

We’re in the process of updating our e-cig technology from the three-piece model to the two-piece. Now instead of keeping up with an atomizer and separate cartridges, you can purchase cartomizers, which are cartridges with built-in atomizers. You can say goodbye to cleaning atomizers and just get a fresh one with each new cartomizer.

This means less cleaning and maintenance, and better vapor quality throughout the life of your equipment. We’re pretty excited about it, and we hope you are, too.

You can already see this change reflected on the site, and cartomizers for our Sidesho and our 902 and LUX models are already available for purchase.

You’ll also see this update in our 902 and LUX starter kits, all of which now come standard with cartomizers instead of cartridges and atomizers.

Clearing out previous merchandise

Of course, we still have three-piece style parts in our inventory, which means now is the perfect time to stock up and save if you are so inclined. All older-style cartridges for the 902 and LUX are currently 30% off.

As we continue updating our technology, we’ll be adding more and more items to our clearance section, so keep an eye out!

More changes to come

These current changes are just the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll also be updating all of our Sidesho starter kits to replace cartridges and atomizers with cartomizers, and we’ll be adding brand new kits for the 902 and LUX.

We’re very excited to be moving from the three-piece model to the two-piece, and we hope you’re happy, as well. This change will take much of the day-to-day maintenance out of your vaping, making it even more convenient than before.

So go check out our store to see the updates, and continue checking back as the changes keep rolling in. We’ll keep you posted on this end.

Have an opinion on the change from three-piece to two-piece? That’s what the comments section is for, so let us have it!

Topping off Cartomizers: Advanced Techniques Part II

Friday, September 7th, 2012

As promised, here is the second installment regarding advanced techniques for topping off your e-cig cartomizer. This lesson is all about knowing when to stop so you can avoid overfilling. The more precise you can be with refilling and topping off your cartomizers, the less time you spend tending to them and – more importantly – the less you waste your e-liquid.

Of course, it would take a ridiculous amount of e-liquid waste to make electronic cigarettes cost anywhere near what you used to spend on analogs, but it’s the principle. So many people start vaping specifically for the financial savings that there’s just no reason to be wasteful afterward.

At any rate, there are two methods you can use as a new vaper to help you know when your cartomizer is full, at least until you develop your own intuition.

Is Your Cartomizer Noticeably Heavier?

This one sounds a bit difficult to pin down because, of course, cartomizers are very small and lightweight. Still, though, you can tell when one is heavier than another.

Since cartomizers come in packs, you should have an empty one to compare to, which is all you will really need at the beginning. Cartomizers don’t hold a weighty amount of liquid either, meaning that if there is enough e-liquid in the cartomizer to create a noticeable difference in weight, there is enough for a good amount of vaping time.

How Slowly is the E-liquid Being Absorbed?

This method is a bit more tangible than the weight method, but it does require some practice.  It all goes back to remembering that the filler inside your e-cig cartomizer is essentially a sponge.

Think about how sponges behave when used for other things. An empty sponge will drink up liquid rapidly, but as the sponge becomes saturated, the rate of absorption slows. The filler inside your electronic cigarette cartomizer behaves in the exact same manner.

As you top of your cartomizer, watch the liquid. If you are adding e-liquid because the top of the filler appears dry, then as you add those first drops you’ll see the filler drink up the liquid nicotine very quickly.

However, as you continue to add drops and saturate, you will eventually add a drop that doesn’t disappear into the filler immediately the way the others did, but instead sits up around the edge absorbing very, very slowly. This is your last drop.

You can help this last drop absorb by twirling the e-cig cartomizer between your fingers slowly until all of the liquid has disappeared. When you are new to this method, make sure to perform steps nine and ten detailed here after you top off to keep from leaking onto your battery. As you become more comfortable you will eventually be able to skip this step.

Got any different techniques you’d like to share with the electronic cigarette community? Tell us about them in the comments!

Topping off Cartomizers: Advanced Techniques

Friday, August 31st, 2012

A few weeks back, we talked about one method for refilling cartomizers. We mentioned in that post that for many, it’s easier to simply keep the cartomizer topped off every few hours than to go through the entire process of filling at longer intervals.

Now we’re going to get into some advanced techniques that will help you top off your cartomizer with just the right amount of e-liquid without wasting your liquid by overfilling.  This week we’ll discuss what clues you can find in the shading of your cartomizer’s filler.

First, an important warning:

Do not top off your cartomizer while it is attached to your e-cig battery. Because of the way batteries are manufactured to allow air flow – specifically in automatic batteries where the battery needs to be exposed to the air to sense inhaling – any leaking from your cartomizer into your battery could be disastrous. It isn’t dangerous, but it could very easily cause your battery to stop functioning.

While leaks on manual batteries aren’t quite as dire, they can get messy. It’s usually easier to just avoid the potential hassle and remove the cartomizer from the battery before topping off.

Look at the Fiber Inside Your Cartomizer

The presence of liquid makes the cloth fiber inside your cartomizer darken, so looking at the fibers under a strong light can often tell you if topping off would be worthwhile.

You may look inside your cartomizer and find the filler stark white and completely dry. If so, you are safe to add at least 5-6 drops of liquid. As you add your liquid, slowly turn your cartomizer to ensure that the entire visible portion of the filler becomes saturated and darkens.

If your cartomizer filler looks patchy, or is darker on the inside than at the edges (or vice versa), then you can probably stand to add about 3-4 drops of liquid. Again, turn the cartomizer slowly to keep absorption even.

If you can still see that your filler is saturated – you will either recognize the darker appearance or be able to see light glinting off the liquid as you spin the cartomizer – then your best bet is to wait to top off.

More Tips Next Week

Sometimes your e-cigarette cartomizer may have room for more than just a few drops of liquid, and there are methods for recognizing that, as well. Keep an eye out for our next post on advanced techniques for topping off cartomizers.

How to Refill Your E-Cig Cartomizer

Monday, August 6th, 2012

There are several methods for refilling e-cigarette cartomizers, but a number of these are more suited to experienced vapers. After vaping for a while and learning your equipment, chances are you will develop your own variations on whatever method you choose.

If you are new, however, and just learning about the nuances of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, you need a straightforward, step-by-step process to get you started.

Refilling E-Cigarette Cartomizers

Things you’ll need:

An electronic cigarette cartomizer
A bottle of e-juice
Paper towels
A toothpick or unbent paper clip
A well-lit area

1. Lay down one or two layers of paper towel on a flat, well-lit surface. A small amount of e-liquid may drip through the bottom of your cartomizer, so be sure to work above the covered surface.

2. Take your toothpick or paper clip and slide it through the hole in the rubber end of your cartomizer, then use it to gently remove the rubber plug. Set the plug aside.

3. Hold the cartomizer with the open side up and toward the light, so you can easily see the filler and inside edges.

4. Gently drip 2-3 drops of eliquid around the edge of the cartomizer. Be careful to keep all liquid at the edge and avoid allowing it to drip down the center hole of the cartomizer.

5. Hold the cartomizer at a slight angle and spin it rapidly from side to side between your fingers, still keeping the open side facing up. Spin until the e-liquid has absorbed into the filler.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, turning the cartomizer slightly each time you add more e-liquid to ensure full and even saturation. Continue doing this either until a small amount of e-liquid drips through the metal end of the cartomizer onto the paper towel, or until the top of the filler takes on a slushy appearance and absorption slows down noticeably.

7. Re-insert the rubber plug and place the cartomizer on the paper towel with the metal end down.

8. Allow the cartomizer to sit this way for at least ½ hour while the e-liquid absorbs evenly throughout the filler. This is to allow the e-liquid plenty of time to settle and saturate the area nearest the heating element, which prevents the possibility of burning the filler and using up your cartomizer prematurely. The extended wait time is only necessary for the first fill. When refilling, you’ll only need to wait about 10 minutes.

9. When the waiting period has completed, hold your cartomizer up to your mouth with a paper towel covering the metal end, and blow through the rubber end. This step removes any excess liquid, preventing it from making its way into the center of the cartomizer.

10. With a paper towel, blot and wipe the metal end of the cartomizer until it is thoroughly free of liquid.

Although the multi-step process outlined here may seem confusing, it should become second nature to you after just a few sessions. Be patient, follow the steps above, and soon you’ll be refilling your e-cigarette cartomizers like a pro.

E-Cig Cartomizers: When to Fill and When to Toss

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Electronic cigarettes tend to follow one of the undeniable truths of the universe: the best way to save money is to do it yourself. In other words, e-cigs are cheaper than traditional smoking, but the trade off is that they require maintenance.

Still, the savings are significant enough to make it worthwhile for a growing number of vapers each day. The ones who are most successful at making the switch, though, are the ones who understand and know how to maintain the hardware.

How do you know when your e-cig cartomizer needs filling?

The fact that these devices require maintenance is one aspect, but the other is that they require practice. Don’t feel bad. There is every chance you will burn out at least one e-cig cartomizer prematurely before you get adept at knowing when a refill is needed.

The filler inside most standard electronic cigarette cartomizers behaves like a sponge, so you are not dealing with a chamber that will become empty. Instead, the liquid in your cartomizer will usually spread to cover the available area.

This is quite helpful when it comes to understanding when you need a refill for your e-cig cartomizer. As the liquid thins out, you’ll begin to notice loss of flavor and vapor production, which is usually your best early sign that you are starting to run low.

Of course, loss of vapor production can also be a sign that your battery is losing charge, at least with some e-cig models. If you’re unsure, try swapping out your e-cig battery for one that has a fresh charge.

The second sign you’ll notice is a slight burning taste. Some describe it as scorched, while others think it has a bit of a chemical flavor. As you spend some time vaping, you’ll get better at identifying this flavor, both through practice and because your taste buds may begin to reawaken after years of smoking.

Once you get to the point where the flavor changes, though, you have very little time to refill. Add more e-liquid as soon as you notice a burning taste to your electronic cigarette vapor, or you risk burning out your cartomizer prematurely. Most vapers combat this by topping off their e-liquid every few hours, or more often when they are vaping heavily.

When is it time to toss out an old e-cig cartomizer?

Usage is subjective, of course, but most vapers report that a cartomizer lasts 3-4 weeks when properly maintained. An internet search will find you methods that a few swear by to clean their cartomizers, but they are disposable for a reason.

Two things will tell you it is time to toss that old e-cig cartomizer.  The first is clogging, which will result in thin or no vapor production. Again, though, the first check to make when your vapor production is thin is to confirm that your battery charge isn’t low. If thin vapor is not caused by a low e-cig battery or the need for more e-liquid, chances are it’s time to get a fresh cartomizer.

The second sign of an e-cig cartomizer that needs replacing is that aforementioned burning smell. If it is consistent even though you have confirmed that you don’t need an e-liquid refill, your cartomizer is probably toast.