E-Cig Cartomizers: When to Fill and When to Toss

Electronic cigarettes tend to follow one of the undeniable truths of the universe: the best way to save money is to do it yourself. In other words, e-cigs are cheaper than traditional smoking, but the trade off is that they require maintenance.

Still, the savings are significant enough to make it worthwhile for a growing number of vapers each day. The ones who are most successful at making the switch, though, are the ones who understand and know how to maintain the hardware.

How do you know when your e-cig cartomizer needs filling?

The fact that these devices require maintenance is one aspect, but the other is that they require practice. Don’t feel bad. There is every chance you will burn out at least one e-cig cartomizer prematurely before you get adept at knowing when a refill is needed.

The filler inside most standard electronic cigarette cartomizers behaves like a sponge, so you are not dealing with a chamber that will become empty. Instead, the liquid in your cartomizer will usually spread to cover the available area.

This is quite helpful when it comes to understanding when you need a refill for your e-cig cartomizer. As the liquid thins out, you’ll begin to notice loss of flavor and vapor production, which is usually your best early sign that you are starting to run low.

Of course, loss of vapor production can also be a sign that your battery is losing charge, at least with some e-cig models. If you’re unsure, try swapping out your e-cig battery for one that has a fresh charge.

The second sign you’ll notice is a slight burning taste. Some describe it as scorched, while others think it has a bit of a chemical flavor. As you spend some time vaping, you’ll get better at identifying this flavor, both through practice and because your taste buds may begin to reawaken after years of smoking.

Once you get to the point where the flavor changes, though, you have very little time to refill. Add more e-liquid as soon as you notice a burning taste to your electronic cigarette vapor, or you risk burning out your cartomizer prematurely. Most vapers combat this by topping off their e-liquid every few hours, or more often when they are vaping heavily.

When is it time to toss out an old e-cig cartomizer?

Usage is subjective, of course, but most vapers report that a cartomizer lasts 3-4 weeks when properly maintained. An internet search will find you methods that a few swear by to clean their cartomizers, but they are disposable for a reason.

Two things will tell you it is time to toss that old e-cig cartomizer.  The first is clogging, which will result in thin or no vapor production. Again, though, the first check to make when your vapor production is thin is to confirm that your battery charge isn’t low. If thin vapor is not caused by a low e-cig battery or the need for more e-liquid, chances are it’s time to get a fresh cartomizer.

The second sign of an e-cig cartomizer that needs replacing is that aforementioned burning smell. If it is consistent even though you have confirmed that you don’t need an e-liquid refill, your cartomizer is probably toast.

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